Cannabidiol – Things to Consider When Buying CBD

Not All CBD is Created Equal

When talking with cannabis industry leaders they caution that you that you take evCBD oil ery precaution to tell the good from the bad. Yes there is such a thing as bad CBD! Listen carefully to what cannabis grower Carlos Frias, founder of Green Lotus, said about identifying the difference; “Always request a third party lab results.”

Third party lab results that look specifically for potency, purity, residual solvents, pesticides, and mycotoxins of the CBD oils. Those tests should also extend not just to the base products, but to the end product as well. Any company that doesn’t readily share those test reports with you isn’t worthy of your business.

You really shouldn’t have to ask for the test results. They should be readily available on their website and tracked by Lot number(s). Because almost if not all of the product you can buy in the USA is imported this is essential.CBD Oil Test Results

Always pay particular attention to the product labeling. Is the dosage (mg) listed on the bottle the actual active CBD in that product? Or is it the dosage (mg) of the CBD hemp oil? These are two clearly different measurements that could make a strong difference in the potency of the product.

Feel Free Ask for Advice

Don’t just trust a product because it’s a “known brand” (we’ve found many reports of bigger CBD brands having dubious quality control). Check online reviews. Read about other customers’ experiences on Social Media. If you have any questions or concerns while shopping for CBD oil, you can even reach out to us. We’ll make sure to guide you in the right direction.

When you’re buying CBD oil products, don’t be shy to ask for expert advice. The cannabidiol market is immature and young, where the regulations and quality control practices are still subpar at best. Look for a source that goes to great lengths to make advice a priority. Check to see if they have scholarly reports on their website.



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