Phytocannabinoids – Will I Flunk a Drug Test?

“Will¬†phytocannabinoids cause me to flunk a drug test?” A few months ago I interviewed Daniel Huerter COO of Pure Spectrum. Daniel is here to answer some of the pressing questions people have concerning the use of phytocannabinoids/CBD. This video covers the number one question that I’m asked – “will I taking CBD cause me to

Cannabidiol – Things to Consider When Buying CBD

Not All CBD is Created Equal When talking with cannabis industry leaders they caution that you that you take every precaution to tell the good from the bad. Yes there is such a thing as bad CBD! Listen carefully to what cannabis grower Carlos Frias, founder of Green Lotus, said about identifying the difference; “Always

How Does Cannabidiol Work?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a chemical compound that comes from the hemp plant. It is one of over 85 unique compounds found in hemp, known as cannabinoids. While its exact benefits and effects are still being researched, it is interesting to note that the United States Department of Health and Human Services holds a patent titled

5 Effective Ways To Stay On Track With Weight Loss

Weight Loss Is Achievable Many people would love a 5 pound weight loss. There are those who need to lose, as much as 30, 50, or even 100 pounds. A journey like that is not short nor is it easy and often includes ups, setbacks, plateaus, and downs. So how can it be accomplished? You’ve

Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana – Cannabis Gets Out of the Closet Want to talk about a controversial topic? Try mentioning medical marijuana.¬† Let’s begin the conversation.¬† The marijuana plant has hundreds of chemicals, known as cannabinoids. The two main ones are THC and CBD. (We support the use of CBD Oil as a treatment for numerous neurological