Phytocannabinoids – Will I Flunk a Drug Test?

“Will¬†phytocannabinoids cause me to flunk a drug test?” A few months ago I interviewed Daniel Huerter COO of Pure Spectrum. Daniel is here to answer some of the pressing questions people have concerning the use of phytocannabinoids/CBD. This video covers the number one question that I’m asked – “will I taking CBD cause me to flunk a drug test.” The answer is a resounding no!

This is a common fallacy. People typically confuse the plant with the individual compounds that are extracted from the plant. CBD is a compound extracted from the plant. A drug test is looking for THC a different compound also extracted from the plant.

The confusion typically comes from misidentification of a failed drug test. The tests specifically identifies THC and not cannabis. Even though a failed test is blamed on cannabis that is not what the test is looking for. This misidentification is what lead to so much confusion on the topic of cannabis to this day.phytocannabinoids

This is the reason third party testing is so important. That level of testing is specifically looking for components that will cause a failed drug test.

The Truth Will Set You Free – Phytocannabinoids

Understanding the truth about phytocannabinoids will set you free to choose a treatment process that will help restore your health. The problem ranges from straight up lies to misunderstanding/misidentification to cultural fear. But that is changing. Everyday the truth is being told. Everyday people are beginning to see the facts as they are not as they have been framed by society.

I’ve been on this journey for more than 23 years now. Things are so much better now, but there is still a long way to go. The truth will prevail. You already have access to the CBD CBG and other phytocannabinoids legally in all 50 states. You know the truth the next step is yours.

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